Extend your BlackBerry Smartphone battery life using these power saving tips by @rr_yy

  1. Delete unnecessary e-mail accounts from your device. I had 7 e-mail accounts before and now only 3 of them on my BlackBerry.
  2. Use filters for your e-mail accounts.

    Ex: I filtered twitter and forum subscription e-mails so they are not coming to my BlackBerry anymore.

  3. Led settings are important for battery life. Disable led for unnecessary notifications. (OS users use built-in led colors by RIM, not 3rd party apps.)

    Ex: I disabled leds for e-mails and Twitter.

  4. Edit Twitter, BlackBerry News, Facebook, BeWeather (etc) auto refresh times.

    They were set to refresh every 5mins before and now I uninstalled Facebook (which I'm not using so much), set BlackBerry News & BeWeather to auto refresh every 6 hours and Twitter for every hour. (mentions and DMs coming right after they sent anyways)

  5. Disable Browser Push; useless and affect your battery life.
  6. Disable Browser JavaScript
  7. Disable vibration for unnecessary notifications (I disabled them all)
  8. Set Backlight Brightness as 10 and Timeout for 20 seconds (or 10 I got it set as 20)
  9. Set your Network Mode as 3G or EDGE only. (2G&3G setting let your device search for network and affect your battery)
  10. For OS 7.1 set Battery Saving Mode as Always On
  11. Set Location Services Off
  12. Disable Compression (Storage settings)
  13. I got Cell Broadcasting disabled (not sure if it effects)
  14. Uninstall unnecessary applications
  15. Disable BePopup (etc) for e-mails (got it enabled for SMS only)
  16. BlackBerry Protect location option is disabled for me because I got insurance for my device (but keep it on if you want)
  17. BeBuzz led settings:

    Slowdown Led: 1min

    Stop Led: 2mins

    Pause Between Flashes: 1sec

    Pause Between Slow Flashes: 4sec

    Pause Between Idle Flashes: 10secs
  18. Close apps that you're not using. Don't let them run at background.
  19. Delete MeterBerry and/or any other battery monitoring app. (use BlackBerry Device Analyzer for OS 7.1)
  20. Before updating your device don't forget to shrink your OS w/ BBHTools. (ask for help for what to shrink if you don't know which are safe to shrunk)
I had %20-25/h battery usage before and now idle usage is %1-2/h and normal usage is %4/h.